Sleepy Orange – TWSG

Sleepy Orange – TWSG

Young trio Sleepy Orange fuse multiple sounds on moody new Indie/Pop single ‘The Way She Goes’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – It’s been a rough year for most people around the world, which is why friends Frankie, Trey and Edward have put their collective skills together to create a positive new song called “The Way She Goes.” Slated to release on Halloween, the song showcases the signature style of these three artists who go by the name Sleepy Orange. Indie Pop meets moody modern production for a truly one-of-a-kind single that is the perfect platform upon which this young band will begin to build its global audience. 

First meeting at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, these three musicians found a mutual love for production and brought their various skill sets to the table, fusing together sounds that include Blues, Rock, Indie, Jazz, and even elements of EDM. Their shared goal is to make people of all ages and background move their hips, bob their heads and sing along to that sweet Sleepy Orange sound. Whether you’re looking to kick back and sip a cold drink, or dance the night away, Sleepy Orange has got you covered.  

“Most people this year would say that life sucks, but that’s the way she goes,” Trey said. “This song was inspired by that idea but we take it a step forward. Ultimately, it’s about moving forward and looking to the bright side. It has a cool Indie/Pop vibe that’s very modern.” 

Prominent throughout the track is the guitar work from Edward, who said his sound was inspired by many of the Indie bands of the late 90s and early 2000s.  

“We really wanted to fuse old Indie classic guitar sound with more modern production techniques,” Edward said. “I think the end result is a fresh take on something that’s been popular for a while.” 

The production of the project was mostly overseen by Frankie who’s the drummer of the band. Though all three played a hand in the finished product – including producing, mixing and mastering – Frankie took the lead with production. He said he was looking to bring more of a West Coast energy to the track that incorporates a lot of ideas and planning on the part of the group.  

“It feels to me like the biggest collaboration effort we’ve ever put out together,” Frankie said. “Each of us comes from a different vein of music. I come from a DJ and production background, and drumming. Ed is coming from more of a Blues and Rock guitar background. Trey has his kind of acoustic, ‘weird songs,’ as he calls it. And when you put those three ingredients together, it creates an interesting sound. It’s important for us to be a band that people can go out and watch and dance to and just forget about the problems they have and just have a good time. That’s what this song is about – putting out something positive after a really brutal year. Being positive and uplifting is the message that runs through all of our music.” 

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