J-Haze – “Harley Quinn” Ft AdELA

Recently Los Angeles based and Southside Pittsburgh, PA bred rapper J-Haze released the remix to his track “Harley Quinn” featuring AdELA. This is single Harley Quinn, and it’s a remix featuring AdELA  and she’s a dope artist that was able to help me flip the original record which was big for me on TikTok. I knew I had to make a remix because the original brought me a lot of new fans” J-Haze said. Remaining true to his Pittsburgh neighborhood of Beltzhoover AKA the South Zhoove, J-Haze puts on for his predominantly Crip neighborhood, J-Haze says the South Zhoove is where, “he learned his bullshit.” “Its the South Zhoove, a Crip neighborhood where I learned all my bullshit,” J-Haze said. “Most n****s from my hood sold heroin, Pittsburgh is a little different from other East Coast cities in that Pittsburgh is a very very racist city, I remember getting called a nigger at a very young age. and getting being beat up by police at 15 years old, so I turned to music to find a way.” Turning to music after his mom’s friend encouraged him to pursue music, J-Haze said he always loved music. “I always loved music growing up and I never honestly saw myself doing it, but my mom’s friend told me he thought I should rap when I was very young, so that’s what I did.  But I didn’t take it serious though until I kept going to jail over and over. So I told myself I should try to actually make this music thing work,” he said. Produced by J-Haze’s in house producer, the remix to “Harley Quinn” will find on a home on J-Haze’s project Heroin Habits 3 which is due for release in the coming months as he prepares for his debut album executive produced by Glasses Malone. 


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