Yahjah – Dutty Wine feat. S-8ighty

Multitalented YahJah releases new multi-genre EP “This Is Me”

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The name of the new EP by R&B / Pop artist, YahJah, is a proclamation. Titled “This Is Me,” the collection shows different dimensions of the artist and flaunts her versatility. Including Inspirational, Hip Hop/Rap, Trap, Reggae and R&B vibes, the EP consists of five new songs, plus two bonus tracks of YahJah’s previous work. The EP was released on September 1, 2019 and includes gems like the solid R&B/Pop single “Sunrise” and “Dutty Wine,” a really fun Reggae/R&B track. 

Recorded in New Orleans, “This Is Me” came together early one morning upon wakening and she composed a stack of songs in one sitting. YahJah typically writes songs to tracks she receives, but these were composed first. Then her friend and artist, S-8ighty, created the tracks around what she had written that one morning of inspiration. S-8ighty also engineered most of the songs in the EP and is featured in one of them. Narek, an engineer YahJah has worked with in the past, mixed and mastered the songs in California.

Additionally to writing really deep songs, YahJah writes poetry and dabbles in filmmaking. She has a YouTube channel which features her visual poems as well as her music videos.

In a city flooded (no pun intended) with creative people, it can be a challenge to survive as a musician in New Orleans. It is said that the city doesn’t love its own until the world loves you first. YahJah is motivated by the changes she sees in the artistic community and she is inspired by the support from her family and friends to continue pushing forward.

YahJah is the youngest of nine brothers and sisters and has 30 nieces and nephews. She grew up surrounded by a creative family which includes a poet, an illustrator, a technical designer, photographer/videographer, and a visual artist. 

When she was younger, YahJah wanted to be a runway model but she always wrote songs and sang with friends for fun. Her high school experience as a performing arts camp advisor intensified her interest in music which soon blossomed into a passion. 

“I am determined to follow my dreams and to encourage, inspire, and support others to follow their dreams as well. Your age does not determine your ability to turn your dreams into reality. Persistence and consistency are the key factors no matter what age you are or where you are in life. It’s never too late to do something that you’re passionate about.”

YahJah released her first single “More to Me” in 2014 and followed it with some sizzling music and videos. Determined to advance her music career, YahJah has a vision for her next big project. She is well accustomed to pursuing her goals. Thanks to her support network for which she is extremely grateful. She raised almost four thousand dollars for the “Sunrise” music video from her supportive fan base. Judging by her track record, we can look forward to a music video for “Dutty Wine” very soon. Yahjah hopes to earn the love of her home city prior to the world learning of her and loving her, but she will accept the love of New Orleans fans in whichever order it comes. 


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