[Video] Coby Live “Serve Ya”

Up and coming hip hop artist, Coby Live just released his new single “Serve Ya“. Hailing from Dayton,OH Coby Live is taking the industry by storm with hard hitting releases that are a breathe of fresh air in the over saturated hip hop music scene with a unique style and undeniable flow Coby Live is soon to become one of the industries rising stars!

Check out Coby Live’s hypnoses track accompanied by the refreshingly authentically production from G TheProducer, that will leave hip hop fans wanting more, but for now if you want to enjoy “Serve Ya” it’s available on his YouTube channel and all major streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more highly anticipated releases from the promising hip hop artist!

Stay Connected Instagram @Wheres_coby

Twitter @cobylive3

Youtube link https://youtu.be/oKi7WJrBvtI

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