Ty Lashay – Sometimes It Rains

Ty Lashay – Sometimes It Rains

Soulful singer Ty Lashay inspires global audience 
with timely debut single ‘Sometimes it Rains’ 

ATLANTA, GA – Struggle is a common denominator for most people in the U.S. today… and indeed, most people in the world. In fact, most days it feels as if there’s nothing but struggle, but up-and-coming soul artist Ty Lashay has a message of hope for the world that is both timely and timeless.  

The young woman from Atlanta, Georgia has released a new single called “Sometimes It Rains” that is already starting to turn heads in the music industry. The feel-good vibe plays with heavy piano chords intermingled with layered lighter piano melodies against an upbeat, jazzy rhythm – all of which plays perfect counter point to Lashay’s soulful vocals. Listeners will be reminded of the powerful presence of Lauryn Hill or Mary J Blige when they hear Lashay’s voice, and they’d be right to make those comparisons as the words in her songs carry equal depth to those living legends. 

“I’m a freestyle songwriter, meaning I’m writing lyrics off the top of my head and I’m writing what I feel,” Lashay said. “So when I’m going through stuff, I write about it. This song is about the struggle – everybody’s struggle – and saying that it’s OK. If people mock you in your struggle or while you’re going through things, that’s OK. Sometimes it rains, but the sun is gonna shine again. If people hate you or mock you or laugh at your struggle, it’s OK. I have struggles. You have struggles. Everybody has struggles. Sometimes we struggle and feel pain, and it’s OK.” 

Though Lashay has been a professional songwriter for a few years, this is her debut solo track. She said she’s excited for a wider audience to hear her voice and discover her soulful, emotional and inspiring music. She’s come a long way since writing her first song at the age of 10. Having honed her craft in the thriving musically influential city of Atlanta, Lashay has had the opportunity to travel and perform at some of the top music venues in the U.S. One of the main places she performed at in Atlanta was at the ”Original Apache Cafe “, a legendary venue in that city and abroad. She’s also had the opportunity to record sessions at Atlanta’s historic Patchwerk Studios, which is where “Sometimes it Rains” was recorded. And throughout those experiences, she has developed a unique sound and style that is equal parts original and nostalgic. 

“I sound real different from anyone else out there today, but my music is also soulful and will sound familiar in some ways when people listen to it,” she said. “I’m diverse and my music has a real feel – an emotional feel – to it. I’m real truthful with my lyrics and the sound is organic. I write inspiring music but also music to have fun with. Most of the time, I’m trying to send out a message and I feel like what I’m putting out there is speaking to everybody. I recognize the responsibility I have with that and I try to be conscious of the fact that my music is the kind of music that makes you think and feel. At the end of the day, I want my music to be inspirational worldwide. I want to be motivational and reach people and change people’s minds. I want to touch souls and lives and make people think. I feel like I can reach people pretty much everywhere and lift a lot of people’s spirits up so they can forget their problems and troubles and bring a big smile to their faces.” 

“Sometimes it Rains” is currently available across all streaming platforms, and Lashay said she plans to follow that up with another single called “I Pray” later this summer.  

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“Sometimes It Rains”