Sonen –  All The Lights

Sonen – All The Lights

Synth-Pop duo SONEN launches new album with epic debut single ‘All The Lights’ 

ATLANTA, GA – SONEN is an Atlanta-based Electro-Pop duo whose resonant bass lines, vintage-tinged strings and harmonious male/female vocals come together to form a seductive, compelling sound that will consume listeners entirely and leave them sweaty and satisfied.  

Made up of Keith Evans and Holly Mullinax, SONEN hails from ATL which has a rich underground music and art scene that is both inspiring and exciting, and it’s in that creative incubator that SONEN came to be. SONEN is both a Japanese and Swedish word, the former being a term that loosely translates to “innermost attitude” or the layer that exists between the conscious and subconscious mind, and the latter a more literal translation to son. 

SONEN’s debut LP “Inside the Sun” put them on the map and gave them the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Diplo, STRFKR, Flying Lotus, Dam Funk, and Casio Kids. They’ve developed a reputation for “turning the kids into a sweaty mess,” according to The Big Beat. When the time came for SONEN to create their next full length, The Pink Moment, the group took a multifaceted approach to the project. The duo set out to capture the passion of their live performances and combine that rapturous energy with a more intimate, alluring tone; hoping to not only compel listeners to dance, but to move them to feel. 

Conceptualized, written and recorded in two drastically different settings, the album reflects a dichotomy of influences that resulted from splitting time between their studio in the heart of Atlanta and a secluded lake house in the mountains of North Carolina.  The pink moment is a term used by Evans and Mullinax to describe the time when the sun falls behind the mountains during sunsets in NC; an instant when the sky creates a brilliantly pink hue and is described by Evans as having “an emotional and epic value we wanted to recreate in our music”. 

 “The Pink Moment” finds the band moving deep into the electronic realm yet tempering the harder edges with moaning analog synthesizers, carefully developed tension and purposeful melodies. The end result is a sound that is both thoughtfully dynamic and reflective of their evolution as artists and humans. In short, SONEN took some time to live and absorb their life experiences. “The Pink Moment” is a reflection of those junctures; a beautiful, poignant expression of life’s greatest adventures in love, loss and lessons learned. 

The debut single from the project is a song called “All The Lights.” Setting the stage for the epic feeling of the album, “All The Lights” is a heartfelt, emotional buildup of a song that encourages listeners to reevaluate priorities and look to a different way of life. Currently available across all streaming platforms, the song showcases the beautiful harmonies between Keith and Holly over the top of a soaring Synth-Pop groove that invites audiences into a pace that won’t let go. 



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