Señoj Jones – Running

Debut single ‘Running’ from Atlanta artist Señoj
is the perfect summer love song

ATLANTA, GA – Christina Jones, better known by her stage name Señoj, is an Atlanta based singer/songwriter whose new single “Running” is set to put her name on the lips of music lovers all over the world.

Beginning her career at the age of 7 when she performed many Broadway shows at Atlanta’s renowned Fox Theater, Señoj has already seen success in the entertainment industry. She was a runner up with the Apollo for Kids competition and has won several talent shows throughout the Atlanta area. But it wasn’t until age 15 that she discovered her love for writing and performing music. She was able to develop her writing skills by participating in the Grammy’s Songwriters Camp, for which she was named the winner of the Ella Fitzgerald Songwriters Scholarship. In the years since that experience, she has put all that she has learned into developing a unique sound and style that features a classically trained singer and pianist who loves to collaborate with other producers to create something truly original.

“Running” is a perfect display of the kind of high quality, intriguing and beautiful music that Señoj is making. She describes it as a mid-tempo summer love song that she’s sure most can relate to.

“I’m telling somebody who might be scared of love that I’m there with them,” she said. “Everybody has been through heartbreak. It hurts, but pain doesn’t have to last forever. In ‘Running,’ I’m basically saying to someone that I get you’ve been through heartbreak. I have too but let’s not let it stop us and what we can do together. I’m the one your heart needs because I won’t break it. It’s a song that I think, style wise, shows how I have a tone of voice that’s different from what’s out there. You could listen to a lot of songs on the radio, and if you heard one of my songs come on, you’d be able to know immediately that it’s me.”

Señoj said she hopes to emulate some of the female icons of the music industry when it comes to her own career. “Being a singer/songwriter, I have various inspirations for different things. Some singers/performers I’ve always looked up to include Beyonce, Ciara, and Christina Aguilera. Also, ‘Channel Orange’ is still one of my favorite albums so Frank Ocean is definitely one of my favorite songwriters, as well as Brian Michael Cox and Ne-yo.” And like most of them, she hopes to use her music to help people.

“If you’re going through something, sometimes it’s good to listen to songs that make you happy,” she said. “That’s the kind of music I want to make. I want to leave a mark that changes someone’s day – that positively changes something that’s going on for whomever might listen to it.”

Señoj is planning to come out with a LP within the next couple of months. “Running” is her debut single which she said she’s excited for people to check out as just the beginning of much more great music to come.

“I just want for people to know that somebody out here is going through the same thing as them. That’s why I write about the things I’m going through, because it’s always easier to heal when you know you’re not alone.”

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