Ryan Cash – Sorry Darling

Ryan Cash – Sorry Darling

Ryan Cash to Release New EP “Green Friday” this Friday

LOS ANGELES, CA –Hailing all the way from the islands in Kingston, Jamaica comes artist Ryan Lattery. His fans know him as Ryan Cash, perhaps due to the fact that he brings a wealth of value to the table. Music came to the forefront of his life when he was around nine years old. Since then, he has never strayed from the beat- quite literally and figuratively. 

Inspired by the numerous of reggae stars that lived in his neighborhood, Ryan Cash decided he too would become one of them. However, he knew in order to stand out from any competition, he’d have to find something that made him different. And that, simply put, is his versatility. “While I have a passion for the music from my country, I really love it all. I grew up listening to western music because of my grandmother, and sometimes you can hear that in my music. I have a broad range of musical influences,” said the artist. Cash describes his overall aesthetic as “universal”, and truly there is no better way to describe it.

This Friday, Cash will be debuting a very exciting project. His brand new EP, “Green Friday”, will be released widely, and available for download on all major streaming platforms. “Fans can expect a different style with this one. I have a wide variety of music on the EP, because it’s a true reflection of me. I even wrote a country and western song for my daughter,” said the Ryan Cash. The EP is available for pre-order currently, for those who can’t wait a minute longer.

Up next, Cash plans to take the music scene by storm by continuing to release more music. Later in April, he plans to release his album “Smoke One”, which sheds a light on cannabis. We think the artist has what it takes to make it big, and he is quickly on the path to accomplish this. Stay tuned!

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