PWJazy – Heroes

PWJazy – Heroes

PWJazy makes music meant to unite the world 
with new EP ‘HeroesAZY 

CASTAIC, CA – Experimental Alternative Rock makes a powerful push into the mainstream this summer with the new release of the EP “HeroesAZY” from West Coast artist PWJazy 

The Alternative/Pop musician/producer has gradually been making a name for himself over the past few years by blending genres and incorporating sounds that most wouldn’t normally consider – such as opera and orchestra with Hard Rock and Pop. Those mashups of sounds and styles take center stage on the new EP in ways that PWJazy said will make listeners intrigued for more. 

“My musical world is endless,” he said. “My songs are very different and unique and all mixed up with my own style of music. My name says it all. PW stands for Peace World, the J stands for my name Jon, and its mixed up with all the crazy of the world, which in some ways describes my sound. But I create music to help, encourage and give hope to everyone in the world. I play for you, the world. You are why I am here – peace, God bless and unity.” 

Currently available across all streaming platforms, “HeroesAZY” is a project that PWJazy said touches on a lot of what humanity endures throughout the world – from social justice issues to natural disasters to enduring relationships and more. Some of the songs examine spirituality, while others use stories from PWJazy’s life in ways that can relate to a wide audience. 

“I’m trying to let people know I’m singing to the world, to people just like you and me,” he said. “We’re heroes and people are starting to rise up against a lot of what we go through in this world. So with my single ‘Heroes,’ I’m encouraging that kind of flexing against the world we live in. That comes full circle with the last song on the project, ‘Magician,’ which kind of uses magic as a metaphor to examine the soul and how we each influence the world around us.” 

PWJazy said he tries to be intentional about writing lyrics that will help people. That’s his main goal – that when people hear his music, they would know there’s someone out there who cares while also making good music. And though some of his subject matter deals with some of the negative things of the world, his lyrics are ultimately overwhelmingly positive.  

“I just feel, and whatever comes out comes out,” he said. “For instance, I have one song called ‘Trash Singing,’ and I’m basically taking the persona of a piece of trash singing for you. A lot of people today feel abused, and I just felt like that’s what needed to come out with that sound. Everything about my music is free-thinking and comes out organically like that.” 


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