Nico Savaro – It’s A Vibe

Nico Savaro – It’s A Vibe

LA artist Nico Savaro lifts up listeners with
positive vibes on upcoming new single

LOS ANGELES, CA – It’s during times like these in the history of the world when humanity needs optimism and positivity. That’s the sentiment that LA-based artist Nico Savaro brings with his new single “It’s A Vibe,” slated to drop on 4/20. 

Like much of his work, “It’s A Vibe” encourages listeners to embrace positive energy and look for the joy in the world – whether that be from within or from the relationships and experiences that come from living a full life. 

“Now more than ever, we really need more positivity in this world and this song is a reminder of that,” Nico said. “It’s a reminder that we have to live every day as if it’s the weekend. We can’t just be living for only Friday nights and Saturdays and Sundays. It has to be every day. It’s also a reminder of us needing to practice being more in touch with our higher vibrations. I don’t want to sound like I’m practicing some New Age shit, but it’s not new and that’s the thing – it’s deeply rooted in mental and emotional health. For me, the most important thing in life is balance.”

That proves true in his music, as well. While “It’s A Vibe” is an upbeat tune that will immediately elicit smiles from its listeners, Nico also creates vibes that relate to other feelings and emotions. He has mellow songs for more somber moods and ambient songs for times of introspection. He’s eclectic and diverse but more than anything, he’s inspirational. 

“Inner peace is the most valuable commodity,” Nico said. “It’s more important than fame or money or time, because when you have that, it just allows you to really be present in the moment. If we can tap into that – into our higher vibrations – just by being more aware and being completely observant of what’s going on around us and channeling that in healthy ways, then everything changes. And this song is about channeling what’s within you in healthy ways.”

Nico said he’s excited for fans to check out this single and knows that once people listen to it, they’ll want to discover more of his music. One of the things he’s most proud of as an artist is his ability to blend different genres pretty seamlessly. When looking at the 10 singles he’s dropped over the past year, there are songs that fall in the world of Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock, Indie, Reggae, Alternative, and more. And he said he has another 20 songs ready to go, featuring even more fusions of sound. His plan is to release a new single every month over the next year to give his growing fanbase more of those positive vibes during this crazy time in the world’ history.

“My producer is Tommy McPhillips and together, we have really created a sound that’s very cohesive, even though my songs have different vibes,” Nico said. “Through all of the songs, you’ll recognize that it’s all in the same lane and they feel synonymous with me. I’m a naturally optimistic and positive person, and many people have told me my aura is comforting and gentle and very free-spirited. My wife is Japanese, and she told me that Nico-Nico in Japanese means ‘smile’ which is so appropriate to me. That’s why I’ve started calling my fans Nico-Nico because collectively they’re a smile.”

“It’s A Vibe” is slated to drop on April 20. Until then, fans who would like to listen to more of his music, or to follow him on social media, may visit:

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