Neondia – Extasy

Cyber-punk universe Neondia uses inviting sounds
and stories to intrigue new wave of fans

LONG ISLAND, NY – You don’t know it yet, but you want to go to Neondia. You want to get to know Neondia. You want to experience life with Neondia.

What is Neondia? Some might say it’s a faceless entity, trapped within its own thoughts and drowning in the complexity of lust, love and the self-indulgence of sin. Others might say that it’s the future made real today – the very existence of a dark dystopian society with a presence that seems all too relevant today. 

Neondia is a place. Neondia is a sound. Neondia is a person. It’s a place where ethics and morality are near extinction. It’s an existence where citizens are held together by a shared passion for pleasurable self abuse. It’s a sound that blends cyber-punk with EDM and electro-pop in ways that make listeners simultaneously want to move and vibe out. It’s a faceless entity in a neo-noir dystopia whose lifeblood is cyberpunk and whose force binds diverse people groups together. 

Neondia is a universe that encapsulates all of these things, and the content coming out of this universe over the next year will have people all over the world intrigued and clamoring for more – from stories to music to interactive elements that are unlike anything else out there right now. 

This universe is brought to the world from a budding new entertainer from Long Island, New York. An author and world-builder who also has been a professional musician for the past 10 years, this genre-bending artist is creating new depths of entertainment in ways that are sure to make major ripples in the industry. 

One of the first introductions to this universe comes in the form of a single called “EXtasy.” Currently available on all streaming platforms, the song is an upbeat electro-pop vibe with light notes of EDM. It’s the first off an album that will further explore the world of Neondia through slow-paced R&B and ambient electronic sounds. This single stands out, according to the artist, because of its energy-inducing beat and the way it entices people to move their feet and dance. 

“It’s one of the first beats I’ve made on my own after having been in the music industry for the past 10 years,” the artist said. “It stands out because it’s something catchy and universal. I was trying to be positive and upbeat and help people find that positive energy within them. I think people are really going to enjoy it. What I have always wanted to do is make a sound that is commercial – a sound that people can dive into and appreciate. I don’t want to make anything so extreme that no one understands it. But I also want to make something original and that can stand on its own. My music is an extension of these ideas from Neondia which are found in my books and sounds and various other things. It’s a state of mind that seeps into your soul and captivates your attention.”

The artist said following “EXtasy,” other singles from the album will be released steadily over the next few months. He’ll cap that with a full album release, appropriately named “Neondia,” before the end of the year.

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