[Mixtape] Fly Reef ‘Fly Flashy & Flawless’ @flyreef87

The Fly Reef fly flashy and flawless mixtape is available for download on spinrilla and mymixtapes and the single ‘no top’ is downloadable on all downloadable platforms. Flyreef Ent. presents Flyreef “Fly Flashy and Flawless ”. Flyreef Born and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. Flyreef was brought up in a single parent home with a Muslim background. Although raised by his single mom, she made sure she still kept him the latest fashion. At the age of 10 Flyreef began rapping with influences like Jay-Z, Fabulous, DMX, and Biggie, which he has some relation to through his mother side of the family. As Flyreef grew older he kept the eye for fashion that his mother had given him. Deciding to embrace his religion more, he began pushing the name Shareef which is where his name flyreef derived from. A turning point in life came when flyreef mother was hospitalized and comatose, which forced the coming of age to happen sooner. Years later flyreef mother passed away and he expresses his love and honor for her everyday by doing what he loves the most, music. Listen to Flyreef Ent. Flyreef “Fly Flashy and Flawless ” his first official mixtape.” His single ‘No Top’ has 27K views and counting on YouTube… flyreef has embarked his introduction to the industry.

Fly Reef – No Top https://youtu.be/AT_XoYrpcDU

Fly Reef ‘Fly Flashy & Flawless’ https://mymixtapez.com/album/179987

Flyreef – Fly Flashy & Flawless http://spnr.la/DUbdHHKW

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Booking: Flyreefent@gmail.com
Record Label: Mytrell records

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