Mia Kodak – Take His Money

Mia Kodak – Take His Money

Rising super star Mia Kodak drops hot new rap single ‘Take His Money’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Kansas City native Mia Brooks – better known as Mia Kodak – is a specialty pharmaceutical sales rep by day and an artist by night. But her days of flying under the radar are soon to be over thanks to the release of her new single “Take His Money.”  

The single takes inspiration from Tupac’s “Hit ‘em Up” and showcases Mia’s hardcore and edgy persona alongside her naturally gifted voice and one-of-a-kind delivery.  

“I come across very aggressive on the beat,” Mia said. “I attack the beat and I think that makes me stand out a lot. I write everything myself and I’m able to sing my own hooks and melodies but ultimately, my sound is varied. I can go from aggressive and deep to a very soft sound. With ‘Take His Money’ I’m showing off my rap skills and doing some shit talking from a female standpoint.” 

As a young teen, Mia was a professional model who always carried around a Kodak brand camera. She was always taking pictures, which is where she got the nickname. It’s a name that has stuck and like the snapshots she’s captured over time, her fans are beginning to get a picture of what this rising talent has to offer the world of music.  

After graduating from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Media and Photography, Mia moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being a professional in the entertainment industryAt the time she didn’t know exactly what that would look like. On a whim, she started writing her thoughts and feelings into songs and realized she had a natural knack for writing music. She released her first single in July 2018 to rave reviews and followed that up with an EP in August 2018. “Mistakes and Heartbreaks” gave her audience a glimpse of what she was capable of in the world of Hip Hop and since that EP release, she has dropped numerous other singles including “Faded,” “Dear Mama” and “Let’s Get a Bag.” She was also booked for All Access ATL in September 2019 where she performed in front of industry professionals. 

“It was nothing but positive feedback from them,” she said. “They couldn’t believe it was my first show and many of them said, ‘You’re already a star.’” 

Mia grew up listening to and loving all genres of music and it shows in her signature style today. Influences in her sound include Hip Hop, Country, Pop, Soft Rock, Jazz, Blues and more. And she credits legends such as Trina, Nicki MinajLauryn Hill, Brandy and Ashanti for inspiring her at a young age to chase after her dreams and dive deep into her passion for making good music. 

“At the end of the day, I want my music to be known for just being real,” she said. “So many people feel pain and emotions the same way I do. I feel like if I can get more people to react the way my core fanbase is reacting – people have cried through my songs – then I’ll be able to connect with more people and help them through every kind of emotion. That’s why I write about things like relationships and love and heartbreak and pain and hurt and happiness. Anything inspirational. I’m everywhere with my music because I’m writing what I feel, and I know people who hear my music can connect with that.” 

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