Kenneth Daniels – If You Want Love

California rocker Kenneth Daniels drops hot new single ‘If You Want Love’

SACRAMENTO, CA – Fans of rock band The Cure are in for a treat with new music from fast-rising artist Kenneth Daniels.

Embracing a sound and style that fuses the best of rock from the 1980s with a modern twist, Daniels has an originality that is undeniable and won’t soon be overlooked. This unique talent is put on full display with his newest single, “If You Want Love.” With an Indie Rock vibe that hearkens back to The Cure, the single explores what it means to cope with loneliness and how people in today’s heightened social media culture find love.

“I work from home during the day and don’t go out much,” Daniels said, “I’m very reclusive and I don’t go out every night intentionally looking for love. I found myself having more interactions with people online than in real life.  And it’s hard to tell what love is anymore. If you see something or someone that you like online, it’s easy to feel like ‘I love that!’ But what does that really mean? That’s the basis of this song. When you’re in your own box all the time and you go out into the real world and you face that fear of whether you’re real enough or can live up to the online expectations of others. If you want love, you’ll overcome those fears and share yourself with the world.”

The single is the first off an upcoming EP that Daniels said he plans to drop in April. Much like the single which is heavily influenced by Daniels’ love of The Cure, the EP will represent sounds inspired by his love for many different bands over the years. 

In addition to his work as a solo artist, Daniels is also the member of a rock band called The Old Destroyer. He has played in bands and released music with those bands for the better part of a decade and has recently decided to branch out on his own a bit and see what he can do with some solo work. 

“Some of these songs are ideas that I’ve been hanging onto for a long time,” he said. “A couple of songs that I released last year were guitar riffs from the early 1990s when I wrote them in high school. The songs never got a proper recording or release, so they were my catalyst in going solo. My music is really coming from a personal place and I want people to feel good when they hear these songs. This single is the type of song you can put on and just escape from your everyday life. You don’t have to take it too seriously. Of course there are deeper meanings and things that will stick with people but definitely on the surface, what I look for first is whether I’m going in a direction with the production where if someone were flipping through the radio dial and heard this song, they’d really get into it and perk their ears up. If it sticks with them, they can start peeling the layers back and experiencing that deeper connection they might have with it.”

“If You Want Love” is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

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