2Grown Kemp – Scents

2Grown Kemp prepares to make a statement
with new mixtape ‘2Grown Music’

ATLANTA, GA – Mario Kemp is an artist who was destined to be a professional musician. From the moment he was born, he was surrounded by music. His father was a choir director. His cousin was a recording artist. Other members of his family were involved in music and the industry in one way or another. So it was only natural for him to lean into music as he grew up on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia.

Eventually, his cousin got him into a studio and by age 14, Mario had adopted the stage name 2Grown Kemp and was making his own music. He started recording … a lot and by age 20, he had such a diverse archive of music that he was starting to gain major attention throughout the South and Midwest. He has parlayed that early success into a thriving career, and now with his newest mixtape “2Grown Music,” he’s ready to put his unique sound and style in front of millions more all around the world. The mixtape has an R&B vibe with a country feel, he said, and was written as homage to women.

The debut single from the project is a song called “Scent,” which he describes as an “upbeat, happy feel with an R&B vibe.”

“It’s a song that describes a female in a lot of detail,” he said. “Specifically, it talks about her aroma and how that scent gets in the sheets and you long for her so much that it makes it hard to sleep. The more you smell her smell, the more frustrated you get because you just want to be with her all the time.”

“Scent,” like most of his music, is drawn from personal experiences from his own life. His sound and style is one that he said pulls from a lot of different influences – from Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross, which he listened to as a child, to the R&B and hip-hop sounds of the South, and of course the trap-influenced sounds of his native city of Atlanta. He considers himself a mixture of all those genres of music and as such, he becomes his own original sound that he said is “genuine, real, outspoken, demanding, unique and original.”

“I’m just making music about life and going through everyday life,” he said. “I’m dealing with things we all deal with – relationships and situations and working and hustling and trying to make a situation work with a significant other. Through all of it, I’m encouraging people to be 2Grown in whatever they’re doing. 2Grown becomes a statement that inspires people to push through the tough things of life.”

2Grown is also the name of the group that he often works with, many of whom are featured on his mixtape – including a female artist who raps and sings on one of his tracks.

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