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[New Mixtape] Giulio4 – Unreasonable Doubt 2 | @PromoMixtapes

Giulio4 has collaborated with recognized Orlando artists including Pope, Johnni Cinco and Skooly. Introspectively, Unreasonable Doubt 2 provides a journey laced with unprofaned lyrics and unprecedented beats that challenge some of the top billboard artists today. Follow Giulio4 on FaceBook x Instagram  Booking: 407-729-6290 Stream and Download Giulio4 – Unreasonable Doubt 2 Today!!

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[Mixtape] K.tothe.A.Y. – “Bodega Soul” | @K_tothe_A_Y

K.tothe.A.Y. unveils his newest project “Bodega Soul.” Presented with vivid and unique lyricism, the 10-track effort is a collection of songs detailing K.tothe.A.Y.’s life growing up around the bodega. K.tothe.A.Y. is an eclectic East Coast artist whose sound embraces a wide range of elements, from the tight edge of Hip-Hop, …

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