Final Level Music Artists SyckCezzy and Daniel Peter are back with a new joint entitled “Downfall.” It’s a creative project that showcases Syckcezzy’s gritty poetic style and Daniel Peter’s silky vocals. The duo skillfully explains how a precipitous decline in status or wealth can happen when a hater speaks against …

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Ke’lyn is Atlanta’s Next Generation Defining Artist

Ke’lyn The Artist Bringing more to Hip Hop Every so often someone breaks into the Hip-Hop industry whose talent and skills go far beyond just dropping a hot 16. Ke’lyn The Artist, or Ke’lyn for short is Atlanta’s next generation defining artist. He’s definitely 1 of those talents to watch …

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M-Hunt: Noise in NJ?

M-Hunt: Noise in NJ? Matthew Hunter Stotz, better known as M-Hunt has recently been making a lot of noise in New Jersey. He’s possibly the hottest rapper in the state right now. Although failing to have ever done live performances in the past, he has recently claimed he plans to …

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